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How to Manage an Infectious Outbreak

Maybe you didn’t find Clear Gear, the ultimate athletic gear disinfectant, before an outbreak hit. Maybe you haven’t been wiping down communal areas you’re regularly exposed to with antibacterial spray. Regardless of how it happened, an infectious outbreak can send those exposed into a tailspin. At Clear Gear, we’ve heard it all. Whether emergency responders […]

The Risks of Wrestling

There are many risks associated with sports, but even more so when it comes to wrestling. The sport’s heavy physical contact coupled with the minimal padding worn by wrestlers puts them at risk for many types of infections. Since wrestling is an individual, one-on-one sport, pressure is high and the margin for error is slim. […]

6 Ways to Dodge the Flu

Flu season is in full effect—if you haven’t stocked up on antibacterial spray for sports equipment and everything else, now is the time! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is predicting a formidable flu season for 2018-2019, one that can affect healthy children and adults alike. The dominant virus currently circulating is the […]

How to Avoid Ringworm

In early September, six high school football players from a California high school were infected with ringworm. The principal immediately had all athletic areas cleaned and the football coach told all his players to wash their uniforms. But is that enough? According to the Center for Disease Control, ringworm is common skin infection caused by […]

5 Facts About Clear Gear

When it comes to killing germs and bacteria, Clear Gear isn’t just an antibacterial spray for sports equipment, it’s a one-step disinfectant with wide-ranging uses. It safely and effectively deodorizes while killing dangerous bacteria and germs. Read on to learn five important facts about Clear Gear. 1. It’s Non-Corrosive Clear Gear is formulated without bleach […]

5 Healthy Tips for Football Players

It’s time for high school football players to get their minds and bodies back in the game. That means discipline and living the healthiest life possible for the next few months. Players need to feel 100 percent so they can perform on point during practice and throughout every game. Below are five tips to help […]

Healthy Snacks That Fuel Child Athletes

When you’re swamped with errands, appointments and shuttling the kids to practice and games, healthy snacks can fall in between the cracks. Life can be hectic, and while it’s tempting to reach for sugar-laden juice and cookies, it’s not the right answer. We have to work so hard to keep our children healthy, from getting […]

How to Take Care of Your Baseball Helmet

Baseball helmets play a critical role in keeping athletes safe and healthy. While there have been advances in helmet safety in recent years, a completely concussion-proof baseball batting helmet does not exit. Therefore, it’s important to find the safest baseball helmet possible to help prevent brain injuries a critical mission. It’s also important to clean […]

How to Boost Your Calorie Burn

Summer is here—and that means hotter weather and less layers of clothing. If you want to drop a few pounds to feel more comfortable in summer clothes, you need to increase the number of calories burned. Ultimately, you need to consume less than you burn on a daily basis. This means you’re going to break […]

How to Properly Clean Gym Equipment

Recent studies show an increased threat of germs and bacteria among health clubs and gyms. When it comes to preventing infections, do the average gym cleaning supplies get the job done? The harmful bacteria harbored in gym equipment, cardio machines and mats needs more than average cleaning supplies to disinfect and deodorize. It takes an […]

How to Get Ready For a Lacrosse Match

Lacrosse is growing in popularity, especially in the Southeast, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, and is an exciting mix of a few different sports. Due to its uniqueness and physicality, players need to prepare correctly and in a different way than other sports. Thorough preparation—from proper hydration to using sports protective gear spray—prevents injuries and leads to […]

5 Ways to Keep the Car Stink-Free

It’s carpool day and you’re taking what seems like the entire team to practice AND picking them up. By the end of the day, your car is bound to smell like a locker room. You hate to admit it, but the stench almost makes you wish the season was over! That is, unless you have […]

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