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5 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

If you’re traveling this holiday season, it’s essential to protect yourself against germs. Airports, airplanes and ground transportation are breeding grounds for germs that cause COVID-19, the flu, staph/MRSA and other dangerous infectious diseases. The good news is, with a few precautions and some travel size disinfectant spray, you can protect yourself and your loved […]

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Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines for Homeshares

The COVID-19 lockdown has changed the travel game in ways no one expected. It’s impacted the airlines, hotels, homeshare hosts and travelers alike. While uncertainty marks coming months, people are starting to travel again, whether for business, to see family or on a road trip to get away from it all. After months of slowdown,

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Germ Warfare for Holiday Travel

As millions of holiday travelers swarm airports across the nation, they’ll want to avoid picking up stowaways—in the form of germs. These unwanted traveling companions have the power to wreak havoc on your holidays with illness and infections. While you can protect yourself with an athletic gear disinfectant and antibacterial spray, you should strive to

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