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7 Cleaning Tips for Free Weights & Other Gym Equipment

Free weight and gym gear cleaning and disinfectant tips

Maintaining hygiene in the gym is key—for members, trainers, and other staff. With the heightened awareness of cleanliness due to the recent pandemic and other health concerns, disinfecting gym equipment is often at the top of gym-goers’ minds. Read on to learn how to clean four essential pieces of gym equipment—free weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells—using a non-bleach gym disinfectant like Clear Gear.

1. Gather Supplies

Gather all the necessary materials before starting the cleaning process. You’ll need gym disinfectant spray, wipes or a clean cloth or paper towels, and gloves to protect your hands. We recommend non-bleach disinfectant like Clear Gear to avoid creating noxious fumes for members while preventing the damage or corrosion that products containing harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or peroxide can cause. This is important for protecting and extending the life of expensive gym equipment.

2. Prepare the Area

Clean your gym equipment in a well-ventilated area or with a fan circulating air nearby. Lay down a clean towel or mat to place the equipment on during the cleaning process.

3. Free Weights

Inspect free weights for visible dirt, dust, or grime. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to wipe away debris. Spray or apply gym disinfectant directly onto the surface of the weights to ensure complete coverage. Allow Clear Gear to sit for one minute. Next, wipe down the weights with a clean cloth to remove excess disinfectant.

4. Kettlebells

Similar to free weights, start by wiping down the kettlebells to remove dirt or sweat. Apply athletic gear disinfectant to the kettlebells’ surface, making sure to cover all areas, with extra focus on the handle. Let the disinfectant sit for one minute and then wipe clean with a cloth.

5. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are smaller, handheld weights with intricate designs and crevices where dirt and germs accumulate. Use a cloth or brush to clean these areas thoroughly. Then, apply disinfectant spray completely and allow it to dry before wiping clean with a cloth. Pay special attention to the entire handle, and if the dumbbells’ ends are fixed, carefully clean any ridges and indents. Spray the dumbbell rack and wipe down before returning the weights.

6. Barbells

Barbells are longer and consist of a bar and weight plates, both of which need to be cleaned. Wipe over the entirety of the bar part and pay special attention to the textured area where users grip it. Wipe down the bar with gym disinfectant, paying extra attention to textured or knurled areas where germs can hide. For weight plates, spray or apply disinfectant and either wipe them down or let them air dry. Spray and disinfect the equipment rack before putting the barbells back.

7. Promote Member Safety

Have non-bleach disinfectant on hand throughout the facility and signage to promote equipment disinfection before and after each use.

Once you’ve cleaned all the equipment, dispose of any used wipes or towels properly, and wash your hands thoroughly.


Regularly cleaning and disinfecting gym equipment is essential for maintaining a hygienic workout environment. The steps above will reduce the risk of spreading germs and help keep staff and gymgoers safe during your workouts. 

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