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Schools & Athletic Programs

Germs run rampant in schools & athletic programs—and spread fast! Protect teachers, students and coaches with Clear Gear spray, the leading bleach-free disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs that cause infectious diseases.

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Schools & Athletic Programs Disinfectant Spray

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Who Uses Clear Gear Spray?

Colleges, schools and youth sports organizations around the country trust Clear Gear Spray to disinfect and deodorize sports equipment, locker rooms, weight rooms, training facilities, classrooms, meeting areas, front office and infirmaries.

school classroom disinfectant
school room disinfectant spray

Why Clear Gear Spray?

Clear Gear can be used school-wide, including Athletic departments which often harbor dangerous germs.

Locker rooms are a breeding ground for infection and odors. Clear Gear will disinfect without causing corrosion or damage to equipment and facilities found throughout schools. Use Clear Gear disinfectant spray for sports equipment in locker rooms, bathrooms, classrooms, offices and more to kill 99.9% of germs that cause a variety of infections and odors.

Sports Hygiene Tips

Coach your athletes on the following sports hygiene protocol.

  • Shower with soap and water immediately after practice, games and matches
  • Do not share personal hygiene items (bar soap, towels, razors), clothing or water bottles
  • Ensure any cuts/scraps are cleaned and dressed properly before and after practice/games
  • Do not store sweaty or wet gear/clothing in lockers, gym bag or closets
  • Always treat gear after playing a game against an opposing team, that is when cross contamination comes into play
  • Keep your athletes safe, in school and playing their sport year round with Clear Gear.
disinfect and deodorize sports equipment

Spray Clear Gear athletic gear disinfectant on all surfaces, equipment and uniforms without worrying about damage, corrosion or noxious fumes.

Who Uses Clear Gear

to Disinfect & Deodorize their Equipment & Surfaces

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