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How Do You Clear Gear?

Clear Gear Spray is perfect for your daily routine because it eliminates odors and kills harmful bacteria.

Clear Gear For Everyone

Learn how Clear Gear Spray disinfects and deodorizes athletic gear and personal protective equipment.

Parents & Athletes

Finally, something that kills odors and germs.

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Coaches & Schools

Disinfect equipment and facilities

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Gyms & Fitness Centers

Does “fresh and clean” describe your facility?

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First Responders

The next life you save could be yours.

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Don’t let protective equipment get you sick.

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What is Clear Gear & How Does It Work?

Clear Gear Spray is a one-step disinfectant that kills infection-causing germs, AND destroys odors. Clear Gear Spray is EPA registered (SDS) to kill 99.9% of germs and is non-corrosive on gear, equipment and facilities. Our spray works on all types of sports gear and personal protective equipment.

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Our Cleaning Tips

Proper care of gear and equipment includes using Clear Gear Spray, right from the start. You wouldn’t think of skipping a shower after a game, the gym or long day at work; why skip disinfecting your gear? A simple spray of Clear Gear after every use protects and prevents the spread of infection and keeps odors away.

Clear Gear Blog

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