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32oz Bottle Disinfectant Spray

$21.00 available on subscription from $21.00 / month

Clear Gear 32oz Disinfectant Spray bottlesĀ  are carefully designed with an easy-to-use spray trigger and molded neck allowing for maximum comfort as you spray and destroy infectious germs like MRSA. This size is perfect for cleaning everything from your home and garage to larger scale commercial spaces, from retail stores, gyms and supply rooms to businesses and institutions. For greater needs, use the one gallon size to refill these spray bottles for convenient transportation as you move from one space to another to sanitize and disinfect.

Clear Gear bottles have codes on the bottle to manage the inventory. This is not an expiration date.

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Al Gar
Love Clear Gear!

We have been using Clear Gear for years, long before COVID-19. Our kids use on their sports gear to get rid of sweaty odors, which makes travel baseball and lacrosse tournaments so much better! I also use on my Army equipment.

No more smell

My kid's soccer and football gear stink. The smell is so awful it is hard to drive home with them in the car. I spray Clear Gear on the gear and the smell is gone. Plus, I feel safe knowing that all of the germs are gone too. There is no strong smell from the product, it just helps remove the awful odor from the kid's sports gear!

Clear Gear Mat cleaner

Great and affordable! Easy to use and feels safe and secure.

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