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5 Reasons to Avoid Disinfectant With Bleach

Bleach may be called a “household product,” but it can actually be very dangerous to you, your loved ones and pets. In times like these, when our health is of utmost importance, we need to take every precaution. Disinfection is on the forefront of everyone’s minds after experiencing a pandemic. However, not just any EPA-Registered […]

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How to Avoid a Coronavirus-and-Flu Twindemic

Health experts across the world are stressing the importance of Twindemic prevention. A Twindemic occurs when two viruses like the flu and COVID-19 collide. Experts are concerned that an occurrence could overwhelm our already taxed healthcare system—and doctors worry about the catastrophic effects to patients’ immune systems. Contracting one illness makes you more vulnerable to

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Twindemic prevention Thanksgiving 2020

Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Americans are grappling with how to celebrate in the midst of a pandemic. Balancing Twindemic prevention with seeing family during the holidays may prove a little tricky. This year, we need to think outside the box of our traditional celebrations to keep our loved ones safe. Here are some tips

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bleach-free disinfectant

6 Tips for Getting Back to the Gym

After months of nationwide closures of gyms and fitness studios, many states are allowing facilities to re-open. While it’s perfect timing with increased stress levels and health concerns stemming from the pandemic, figuring out how to get back in the groove can be tricky. We now face the challenge of creating new routines while mitigating

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Twindemic prevention

5 Twindemic Prevention Tips

The latest health concern sweeping the global health community is the potential onset of a “Twindemic.” A Twindemic occurs when two formidable viruses like influenza and COVID-19 collide. As we head into cooler weather, the threat is becoming real—catching the flu and COVID-19 at the same time can make for a life-threatening illness. Public officials

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