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5 Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

travel size disinfectant spray

If you’re traveling this holiday season, it’s essential to protect yourself against germs. Airports, airplanes and ground transportation are breeding grounds for germs that cause COVID-19, the flu, staph/MRSA and other dangerous infectious diseases. The good news is, with a few precautions and some travel size disinfectant spray, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from spreading these nasty germs.

Read on to find ways to arm yourself against germ attacks during holiday travel.

1. Wash Your Hands

We should always wash our hands thoroughly—during the pandemic and beyond. Wash your hands with soap and water throughout your travel, when you go to the restroom, and especially before and after eating. When soap is not readily available, have travel size hand sanitizer on hand to help stop germs in their tracks.

2. Bolster Your Immune System

Give your body the tools it needs to prevent and fight infection. Strive to stay healthy before you travel—eat a colorful, antioxidant-rich diet and exercise regularly. Speak to your doctor to see if they recommend any supplements for boosting your immune system. Hydrate properly before, during and after a flight or train ride. Take measures to reduce stress, which takes a toll on immunity. Make sure all vaccines are up-to-date before you travel.

3. Avoid High-Touch Surfaces

High touch surfaces and communal areas in airports harbor nasty germs from across the globe. Strive to avoid touching door handles, faucets, toilet handles, escalator handrails and elevator buttons. Take extra care with airport security bins—studies show that they harbor more germs than toilets! Have travel size hand sanitizer ready for after any contact with high touch surfaces.

4. Use Caution on Airplanes & Trains

There are a few steps you can take to mitigate risk on airplanes, trains and buses. Avoid aisle seats since passengers often touch them as they make their way down the aisle or situate their luggage. Wipe down tray tables with travel size disinfectant spray before using them—or avoid them altogether. These trays are a breeding ground for infections like staph and E. Coli, as people use them for everything from eating to changing diapers! Also use caution when touching seat pockets, where many passengers stash their trash, as well as the headrests, armrests and overhead bins.

5. Disinfect Luggage with Travel Size Disinfectant Spray

As soon as you land, wipe down all your luggage with a travel size disinfectant spray like Clear Gear, that contains no bleach, alcohol, ammonia or peroxide. This will kill germs without causing damage or discoloration to your luggage.

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