Large facilities and institutions



Clear Gear High Performance Disinfectant for Industrial and Institutional Applications
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Clear Gear Meets the Needs of Large ORGANIZATIONS, Facilities & Institutions With:

55 Gallon Drums5 Gallon Pails Gallon Bottles32oz Spray Bottles
Large organizations require a powerful solution for killing germs on a wider scale. This is essential for preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Clear Gear’s 55-gallon drum is the perfect size for treating large scale facilities and institutions. Customers ranging from school districts and universities, hospitals, hotels and resorts to office management, multi-family and mixed-use complexes, manufacturing and correctional facilities choose Clear Gear as their #1 EPA-registered disinfectant.

Clear Gear bleach-free disinfectant tackles the germs that cause COVID-19, the flu, common colds, staph, strep, HIV and a wide range of other infectious—and often deadly—diseases. It can be used to treat every inch of your facility, including communal surfaces, high-touch areas, floors, bathrooms, equipment and gear, as well as trucks, buses and cars, and more. Clear Gear kills germs as fast as products that contain bleach, ammonia and alcohol, without the toxic fumes they leave behind. It causes no corrosion to surfaces and laves no residue.

The 55-gallon drum and 5-gallon pail can be dispensensed into gallon bottles with sprayer, gallon sprayer or 32oz Clear Gear bottles, sold separately.

Protect your site and facility with large volume quantities of Clear Gear EPA-registered disinfectant. Pricing is custom-based on quantities.

For Bulk Buy pricing, please contact [email protected] for more information.