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1 Gallon Bottle Disinfectant Spray

$59.99 available on subscription from $59.99 / month

Clear Gear’s 1 Gallon Disinfectant Spray container is an ideal solution for preventing germs that cause infectious diseases like staph. Purchase along with our 24oz Bottle Kit (Empty Spray Bottle) for easy application.

Buy more and save: Clear Gear 1 Gallon Bottle are also available for purchase in cases of 4.

Stocking product is a priority and in some cases will require us to use two types of containers for the one gallon size. Rest assured that both sizes contain the same amount and contents.

Customer Reviews

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Mandy Anderson
Clear Gear is amazing!

We use Clear Gear to clean our high school football locker room. It is gentle enough to clean their equipment safely and powerful enough to get the sweaty dirty smell out of the locker room! 10/10 reccomend!

Great product

I own a small gym and love this stuff. Cleans well, effectively and no scent or residue which is perfect!

Chelcia Ruiz
Amazing Product!!!

To all sports moms out there!!! Buy this product and get your kid in a routine to spray their equipment after each use! When all the other players smell like musky b.o. your kid will be so happy that they smell nice and clean! I HIGHLY recommend this product! It is a must have for football season. We keep a bottle at home, one in his locker and always have a refill available. It even works spraying his room down after practices when he lays in bed dirty. IT IS A MUST HAVE!

Great to use for our studio!

Shipping is always fast, customer service is great, love the product. I feel confident cleaning our studio with Clear Gear!

Best Disinfectant and kills odors!

Clear Gear has saved our family from horrible odors after all our kids sports practices, tournaments, travel sports, etc. We could not function without it!

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