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1 Gallon Sprayer


The newest addition to the Clear Gear line of products is the sought after 1 Gallon sprayer. The sprayer is ideal for larger applications such as treating gym and wrestling mats as well as locker room floors or shower and sauna areas. The convenient sprayer will even allow you to tackle big projects including cleaning your garage or industrial space. As with our other products, the 1 Gallon sprayer employs the same spray and walk away convenience. The 1 Gallon sprayer is specially designed to dispense the product in a wide spread mist making larger jobs a dream to tackle. What’s more is that it’s matched perfectly to our 1 Gallon sports spray container. The sprayer is the ideal solution for preventing nasty disease causing bacteria as well as the spread of skin to skin contact diseases like Strep and MRSA.

As we update our bottle labels, you may receive our previous label and bottle design while we transition, but know it is the same great product you are accustomed to.

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