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How to Disinfect Boxing Equipment

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Boxing is an intense, high contact sport that requires rigorous training and a strict disinfection protocol. Proper cleaning and disinfection of boxing equipment is essential for staying healthy and keeping workouts on point. You need a powerful boxing disinfectant spray and a plan to protect against the nasty germs and odors a workout of this caliber can create.

Thorough disinfection helps protect against infectious diseases while improving the lifespan of your equipment. The following tips will help you keep your most important equipment free of germs and odors.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are a boxer’s primary line of defense. They form a protective barrier for the fragile joints and bones in a boxer’s most important piece of equipment—their hands. Hand wraps typically end up drenched in sweat after a workout, which causes odors and creates a breeding ground for germs. For best results, disinfect and wash wraps after every use. Start by spraying them with Clear Gear non-bleach disinfectant immediately after using to kill germs without discoloring your wraps. When it’s time to wash, consider hand washing and line drying wraps—it’s the best way to preserve them. If you go the machine route, put them in a mesh laundry bag and use the tumble dry setting in the dryer.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves provide a damp, sweaty environment for germs that can lead to infectious diseases. The major difference between cleaning gloves and wraps is that gloves cannot be put in the washing machine. The water will soak the padding and foam material used in gloves, which will make them wear out quickly. Your best bet is to spray them with Clear Gear non-bleach disinfectant immediately after each use. Wipe them inside and out carefully with a cloth, making sure you really clean the interior, and then let them air dry. Never throw them in a sweaty gym bag—hang them or store them in a ventilated or mesh boxing glove bag.

Punching Bags

Punching bags of all types—speed, heavy and hanging—capture a lot of sweat and grime during a workout. If you don’t clean the bag regularly, it will spread nasty germs and odors. Clean the bag with a powerful boxing disinfectant immediately after each use. Dampen wipes or a cloth with Clear Gear boxing disinfectant spray, thoroughly wipe the bag down and then let it air dry. If a vinyl bag has lingering or difficult-to-remove dirt, try using a sponge with Clear Gear.

Don’t let germs knock you out—stay in the ring by following the tips above.

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