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5 Tips for Preventing Infections at Summer Camp

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5 Tips for Preventing Infections at Summer Camp

5 Tips for Preventing Infections at Summer Camp 500 333 Clear Gear

sports protective gear spraySummer camp is an awesome way for kids to experience adventure—and let’s be real—it gives parents some much-needed time to themselves! Yet with so many children in close quarters, it can also be also be a recipe for sickness, from summer colds to scary infections like staph.

As millions of children hit summer camps across the country, illnesses occur often and spread quickly. Common wounds caused during sports and physical activities also make kids more susceptible to infection.

The good news is—with good hygiene habits, a few precautions and a supply of sports protective gear spray, you can help prevent your child from getting sick and having to cut camp short.

Here are 5 prevention tips to share with your junior campers.

1. Make Hand Washing a Habit

Teach your kids to wash their hands thoroughly—for at least 20 seconds—several times throughout the day. They should use an antimicrobial antiseptic soap if possible. If campers hike or play sports, they should wash all the way past their elbows and forearms is a shower isn’t immediately available. Pack some alcohol-based hand sanitizer for times when they aren’t near a sink.

2.Don’t Share

Sharing personal items like towels, socks and clothes is a big no-no. Tell campers to avoid sharing personal hygiene items like soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

3. Good Hygiene

Showering is key to protecting against nasty bacteria. Tell your campers to shower immediately after swimming, water activities and sports. They should use hot water and antimicrobial, germ-killing cleaner. Campers should also shower before getting into any recreational water and avoid it altogether if they’ve recently experienced a stomach bug. Shower shoes or flip-flops is also essential for preventing infections. Disinfect them by spraying them down with Clear Gear after every use.

4. Clean Gear

Teach children to spray down all equipment with a powerful sports protective gear spray to kill germs. Clear Gear is the best possible choice because it kills 99.9% of germs. Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use and allowed to dry completely.

5. Proper Wound Care

Drill it into your campers’ minds to immediately see a nurse if they suffer any type of wound. Once the wound is disinfected, they should keep them covered with clean, dry bandages.

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