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How to Clean Your Peloton

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Are you addicted to your Peloton? Can’t imagine your life without it? Then make it a priority to keep it clean and dry so you avoid sharing germs and the bike stays free from rust and damage.

We love our Pelotons almost as much as we love Clear Gear! The good news is—they’re a perfect match. The best way to keep your Peloton clean and working at 100 percent is to wipe it down after every use with Clear Gear, the most effective disinfectant spray for sports equipment available. Its gentle formula contains no bleach or alcohol, so it won’t cause damage while cleaning, yet it’s powerful enough to wipe out odors, germs and bacteria.

To keep your Peloton bike working perfectly and looking good, it’s essential to get it clean and dry as soon as possible after a workout. The Peloton brand says to never spray anything directly on the bike! Instead, spray Clear Gear on a microfiber cloth, wipe it down and let it dry.

It’s important to wipe down your Peloton after every use to keep it free of sweat. Sweat can cause the metal to rust over time, so make it a rule to wipe it down immediately after a workout. This also protects you, your family and whoever else uses the Peloton free from the germs and bacteria that breed and fester in sweaty environments.

Clear Gear will kill all bacteria and germs so that you’re not spreading them throughout your household, while maintaining the integrity of the equipment.

Be sure to wipe down the mat you use underneath your Peloton—that’s another breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If you warm up and cool down by stretching on a different mat after your workout, be sure to wipe it down with Clear Gear too!

Be sure to spray down sweaty shoes as well! Don’t put them in a closet or closed environment while they’re still wet— spray them down and let them dry out in the open. Your shoes will be disinfected and deodorized!

You can also disinfect and kill odors on your workout clothes by spraying them with Clear Gear as a pre-treatment before putting them in the washing machine.

Clear Gear spray is the best way to clean your Peloton bike along with all your other workout equipment! Visit this link to learn more about Clear Gear, the top disinfectant spray for sports equipment available.

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