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5 Skin Infections You Can Catch at the Gym

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While we’re all about getting in shape, hitting the gym can be daunting when you realize it’s a breeding ground for germs. People sweating in a hot, humid area is like match.com for microbes to multiply and reproduce on your skin. This is why it’s imperative to use caution and stock up on a potent sports protective gear spray like Clear Gear.

Research shows that there are 25 different types of bacteria living on the surfaces of gym equipment, from cardio machines to free weights. A recent study performed by Fitrated that included 27 types of gym equipment found that free weights have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! If that’s not motivation to spray down equipment and surfaces with Clear Gear, maybe the prospect of contracting the infections below will be.

1. Ringworm

This super common fungal infection attacks the top layers of your skin. It appears in the form of a red, scaly, circular rash that looks like a ring. Ringworm causes itching and can be found anywhere on your body. It thrives in warm, moist environments like sweaty gym equipment and workout benches.

2. Plantar Warts

Plantar warts is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus typically shows up on the soles of feet as rough, bumpy, thickened skin with red or black dots. Plantar warts are contracted when there is direct exposure, typically in a warm, humid environment like a sauna, shower, pool or locker room. Dry, cracked skin on your feet puts you at greater risk. Some experience pain when walking or engaging in physical activity.

3. Staph

Staph is one of the most common infections you can catch at the gym. It can be very dangerous and even life-threatening if the bacteria enters your joints, bloodstream, bones or organs. Symptoms can be painful and gross to look at: red bumps, yellow crusted lesions or skin abscesses. While staph is typically transmitted via physical contact, it can occur when you step on a dirty floor, work out on a contaminated mat or bench, or use a dirty towel.

4. Athlete’s Foot

This nasty condition appears as red, flaky skin and white, macerated areas between the toes. While Athlete’s Foot typically affects men, women are also susceptible. It is caused by a fungi similar to ringworm and breeds in sweaty, humid environments. Athlete’s Foot can be contracted by walking on infected surfaces like locker room floors and pool decks and using dirty mats.

5. Folliculitis

This inflammation of the hair follicles is a very painful, itchy condition that resembles acne. Folliculitis is caused by staph bacteria, fungi or congested sweat ducts. You can contract it by using dirty gym equipment, as well as swimming pools or hot tubs that are not properly chlorinated. Sweat levels caused by exercise makes you more vulnerable to this nasty looking infection.

Everyone from weekend warriors and yoga fanatics to athletes and bodybuilders need to avoid these conditions. Click through to protect yourself and other gymgoers with the most powerful sports protective gear spray available.

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