Why You Need MMA Fitness Disinfectant to Protect & Clean Your Facility

How to Disinfect a MMA Facility

MMA fitness disinfectant

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact, combat sport that blends a variety of skills and techniques from disciplines like boxing, kickboxing and martial arts. This hybrid, no holds barred sport, also referred to as “cage fighting” and “ultimate fighting,” is dynamic and thrilling. It puts the audience on the edge of their seat—and athletes at risk for spreading wide-ranging infectious germs. That’s why it’s crucial to thoroughly disinfect equipment and facilities with a powerful MMA fitness disinfectant like Clear Gear.

Here are some tips for disinfecting your facilities and equipment with a MMA fitness disinfectant.

Hit the Mats

The mats used for MMA training and fights act like a magnet for nasty germs that cause infections and odors. The spongy material these mats are made of harbor sweat, blood and other debris that carry germs which multiply exponentially when left untreated. Disinfect mats before and after every single use with a non-bleach disinfectant like Clear Gear that won’t corrode or damage the mat. This will kill those germs and odors while extending the life of the mats.

Promote Personal Disinfection

Frequency is a very important aspect of keeping facilities as germ-free as possible. Provide spray bottles of non-bleach disinfectant and hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. Encourage athletes, trainers and coaches to spray and wipe down weights, bags and anything else they touch while training. If you coach a team, provide every athlete with their own disinfectant bottle to disinfect their personal gear.

Locker Room Love

The locker room is another breeding ground for germs. Put protective rules into place, such as requiring athletes to wear shower shoes or flip flops and to avoid using benches without clothes or towels. Disinfect the area thoroughly throughout the day, paying special attention to high-touch areas like faucets, door handles and light switches as well as benches.

Deep Clean Daily

Daily deep cleaning is an absolute necessity for any type of combat training facility or gym. Schedule at least one deep cleaning per day—and twice if your facility has a lot of foot traffic. Opt for a mid-day and end of the day deep cleaning to best protect your athletes, trainers and coaches.

Proper disinfection with a MMA fitness disinfectant like Clear Gear will protect students, athletes and coaches while extending the life of training equipment and gear.

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