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How to Clean & Disinfect Gym Equipment

fitness center antibacterial spray

Gyms and fitness studios are a breeding ground for germs. Dangerous, infectious germs thrive on sweaty gym equipment, cardio machines and exercises mats—and average cleaning supplies won’t kill them. It takes a powerful fitness center antibacterial spray like Clear Gear to eliminate nasty germs and take disinfection to the next level.

If you own a gym or fitness studio, it’s important to establish a strict protocol to mitigate germs. Read on for some essential steps to follow regularly.

Clean Equipment Daily

Adopt a deep cleaning and disinfecting protocol and schedule it for at least twice a day. While it’s essential to provide members with an EPA-registered fitness center antibacterial spray, you can’t rely on them to keep your facility safe. Clean and disinfect everything from the restrooms and locker rooms to free weights, benches and machines. The more often that each piece of equipment is cleaned, the less dirty it will be in between. The less dirty equipment is, the less microbes there will be on its surface.

Be Thorough

The best practice is to spray a fitness center antibacterial spray like Clear Gear directly onto equipment, mats, cardio machines and anything else that members or staff touch. Pay special attention to communal surfaces and high touch areas like bathrooms, locker rooms, counters, check-in desks, door knobs, light switches, etc. Clear Gear is very easy to use—just spray and let dry. You can also use our new Clear Gear Wipes to wipe away germs on surfaces. These versatile wipes are stronger and more absorbent that paper towels and can be used wet or dry. To use as a DRY wipe, simply spray Clear Gear on a surface or item and then wipe away germs. To use as a WET wipe, moisten the wipes bucket with Clear Gear and wipe away the germs!

Use a Powerful Disinfectant

Many people are unaware of the infection risk associated with exercise equipment. Most gymgoers worry about using equipment correctly instead of the much greater risk of developing an infection. Gyms often harbor infectious germs that can lead to anything from ringworm, impetigo, athlete’s foot and the flu to staph infections like Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). The best solution to protect your gym from deadly germs is to use Clear Gear EPA-registered disinfectant. It is scientifically proven to kill dangerous germs and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

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