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How to Spring Clean Your Gym Bag

clean your gym bag with disinfectant spray

Spring cleaning season is here! While we may immediately think of our homes when we hear the term “spring cleaning,” it’s something we should apply to every area of our life, especially those that are breeding grounds for germs like gym bags. Whether you play sports, work out at the gym, or take exercise or dance classes, chances are you have a gym or equipment bag—and one you probably toss sweaty or germ-ridden items into. This means it needs a deep cleaning with a powerful gym bag disinfectant spray like Clear Gear that won’t damage it or leave noxious fumes behind.

Here are a few tips for deep cleaning your gym bag so that you can avoid getting sick and work out stronger—and smell better too!

1. Empty it Out

Your gym bag and its contents come into contact with lots of germs. Start the process by spraying both the inside and outside with disinfectant spray for gym equipment before touching anything. Let it air dry for a few minutes and then empty everything out of your bag. Check every pocket, nook and cranny for stray items and remove them.

2. Dig Deep

Turn the gym bag inside out and upside down to ensure that the inside of the bag gets super clean. Shake out loose dirt and vacuum debris that may be hiding in the stitching or seams where germs lurk. Spray items that fell out with non-bleach disinfectant spray for gym equipment like Clear Gear that will kill germs and odors without corroding or damaging your gear.

3. Prepare for Washing

Remove external pockets or straps that could get tangled in the washer. If your bag’s straps are not removable, tie them together so they don’t get stuck or twisted.

4. Wash Your Gym Bag

Pre-treat with Clear Gear for five minutes before washing for extra germ and odor-fighting power. Then launder the gym gag in cold water, using your washing machine’s delicate cycle. You can include similarly-colored towels or sheets to help protect the inside of the machine from elements of your bag like zippers or locks.

5. Hand Wash Delicate Gym Bags

If your gym bag is too delicate for the laundry machine, hand wash it carefully. Use a gentle detergent and a damp rag or microfiber cloth to wipe down the interior and exterior of your bag. It may require several passes to get it clean. Afterwards, go over the bag with damp cloth to remove soap residue.

6. Hang Dry

After washing your gym bag, simply hang it out to dry. A dryer can cause damage and ruin the shape of the bag.

Follow these 6 tips and regularly use gym bag disinfectant spray to protect against germs that cause infections and prevent lingering odors. Make it a priority to keep it clean and toss it when it’s time—you don’t want your bag to turn into a petri dish for germs.

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