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How Clear Gear Protects Your Team

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Football practice is starting—and there’s no better time to set up a protocol for protecting your teams against dangerous germs. Scary staph infections like MRSA and blood-borne diseases can cut a sports career off before it’s even started. Clear Gear, the premier athletic gear disinfectant, kills 99.9% of the germs that cause these infectious diseases, as well as common locker room infections like strep, ringworm, Athlete’s Foot and jock itch.

Don’t wait for an infection to start—be proactive! Talk to your athletes about the importance of hygiene and establish a protocol now to start the season.

When to Use Athletic Gear Disinfectant

Don’t let sweat and germs fester and cause issues for your team. Use Clear Gear to disinfect equipment and gear immediately after every use! Whether it’s practice, workout or a game—anytime players sweat, their uniforms and gear need to be disinfected.

Locker rooms should be disinfected regularly all season long. Spray down benches, lockers, door handles, bathrooms, training tables, laundry bins, chairs and office workout areas. Every time an athlete uses weights, cardio, mats or other workout equipment, have them spray it down immediately after.

What to Use

Clear Gear’s gallon industrial sprayer is ideal for large areas and multiple sets of equipment. The 24oz bottle is perfect for keeping around the locker room, bathrooms, weight room and training room for on the spot disinfecting. The 8oz bottle is great for on-the-go use since it can easily be stashed in a gym bag or backpack.

How to Use Clear Gear

Demonstrate to your athletes how easy it is to use Clear Gear on their uniforms and gear, as well as around the locker room, bathroom, weight room and training room—they have a role to play in infection control!

Where to Use

Germs can travel anywhere—from the field, locker room and gym to transport vehicles, laundry facilities and athletes’ homes. Even artificial turf on the field can harbor infectious germs. This makes proactive disinfection even more important! Spray down everything the team and trainers touch—treatment tables, pool decks, benches, foam rollers, weights, stability balls, helmets, gloves, etc. Gym mats are especially dangerous—the spongy material they’re made from provides a breeding ground for germs. Athletes can bring infections from home or school—teach them to spray their shoes and bags on a regular basis to stop infections from spreading.

Infection control is like a spider web, it has to be attacked from every angle. Talk with your athletes about proper hygiene. Tell them never to share personal items, never sit on a bench naked, always wear shower shoes or flip flops in the shower, and cover cuts and scrapes immediately.

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Download Clear Gear Football Protocol to Share With Athletes and Parents

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