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How Bomb Squads Clean Up

first responder equipment antibacterial spray.

Bomb squads have their hands full in the United States—there are hundreds of thousands of bomb scares each year across the country. There are many dangers associated with working on a bomb squad, but not all are related to the actual explosives. These incredible teams are exposed to dangerous germs that cause colds, influenza, respiratory infections, blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV, and highly contagious staph infections like MRSA, among others. Our powerful bomb squad and first responder equipment antibacterial spray kills 99.9% of the germs that these technicians face on the job.

After a threat is established, a bomb squad may detonate an explosive where it is discovered if it can be done in a in a safe, controlled way. Otherwise, they may defuse the bomb, move it to a safe location and then detonate it. Whether an explosive is detonated or not, bomb squad members are at risk for exposure to dangerous germs and chemicals. An explosive device may come through the mail or be left somewhere that it can be touched by many. They are typically found in locations swarming with people—which means lots of germs in the environment.

There are several ways that bomb squads use Clear Gear to protect themselves against infectious germs. It can be sprayed at the scene of a bomb threat or other crime to clean up and limit exposure for both squad members and the general public. These highly trained bomb technicians require the use of a lot of equipment that should also be wiped down. Bomb squad vehicles should be disinfected after each use, as well as the tech equipment used to defuse, detonate and render the render the explosive safe.

Bomb squads use Clear Gear to disinfect bomb and tactical suits, whether used during training or an actual incident. These suits are often made of Kevlar—which Clear Gear is approved for use on—a heavy material that gets hot fast and is often worn for extended periods, causing team members to sweat. This makes tactical suits a breeding ground for mold, mildew and germs that cause infection if not disinfected properly. All explosive detection and protective gear should be disinfected immediately after each use. Shoes should also be sprayed down and allowed to dry before wearing again.

Clear Gear is proud to have several bomb squads as customers. These amazing teams save lives every day, so we’re thrilled to help protect them against the infections they face in the line of duty. Click here to learn about our premier bomb squad and first responder equipment antibacterial spray.

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