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Whenever we leave the house, we’re exposed to a slew of infectious germs that cause illnesses like COVID-19, strep, the flu and common colds. They get on our clothes, uniforms, bags and shoes and often travel home with us. This means that every item we put in the laundry needs to be treated with a powerful athletic gear disinfectant. Otherwise, germs can spread quickly through entire households and workplaces.

Here are tips for sanitizing your laundry with our complete home disinfectant spray so that you can protect your household and beyond.

Change Clothes on Arrival

As soon as you get home, take off those potentially germy clothes. If you’re an essential worker and live with others, head straight to your laundry room and change. You can also put a hamper or bag close to your entryway along with clean clothes. This way you can change immediately and not run the risk of exposing others to your germy clothes.

Pre-Treat Clothing

Disinfecting laundry isn’t only about what happens in the washing machine. While washing removes dirt, it doesn’t kill viruses and bacteria. It’s essential to pre-treat clothes with a powerful EPA-registered disinfectant. When you use a bleach-free disinfectant like Clear Gear, you’ll kill germs and odors without damaging or discoloring your clothes. Simply spray laundry items, let sit for five minutes and then wash. If you can’t do laundry immediately, spray your clothes and other items and set them aside.

Separate & Attack

If someone in your household contacts COVID-19, the flu or another infectious illness, their laundry should be separated. If it cannot be washed immediately, spray it with Clear Gear and store it in a hamper lined with a disposable or launderable bag. If you do laundry for an infected person, follow CDC recommendations: wear gloves and avoid shaking laundry items. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water as soon as you finish each stage of the laundry.

Disinfect the Linens

Many experts recommend washing bedding at least once a week and towels semi-weekly. Pre-treat all your linens with Clear Gear athletic gear disinfectant and let sit for five minutes. Then wash sheets and towels in the warmest water possible, using a good detergent.

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