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5 Germ Hot Spots You May Forget to Disinfect

EPA-registered disinfectant

With the pandemic and flu season in full force, deep cleaning with an EPA-registered disinfectant has become a part of daily life. You’re spraying packages, communal surfaces and high-touch areas more than ever before. Yet studies show that there are some hard-to-reach areas or places we may forget to include in our daily spray down with bleach-free disinfectant.

Read the list below to make sure you don’t overlook any areas where COVID-19 germs can linger.

1. Your Car

People forget about how much time they spend in their car—and how many areas we touch inside. If you don’t wash your hands right before getting in your car, you and your passengers can create a breeding ground for germs. We touch everything from the door handles and steering wheel to the gear shifter, radio, seats, console and glove compartment. Wash your hands before and after getting into the car. In case that’s not possible, always have a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand. Disinfect the car and its hotspots with a powerful bleach-free disinfectant that kills COVID-19 germs after every use if possible.

2. Electronics

The surfaces and control panels of the electronics in our life are a hotbed for germs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends regular disinfection of your computer screens, stereos, Bluetooth speakers, video equipment, keyboards, cellphones and other devices.

3. Remote Controls

Any remote control that gets regular action in your home or office is a germ magnet—and one people rarely remember to clean. Since everyone touches the remote, even when they’re sick, they need extra disinfection attention. Clean remotes with disinfectant wipes daily or after every use to minimize the possibilities for infection.

4. Purse & Backpack Contents

The items we carry in purses and backpacks need to be disinfected regularly. Wipe down everything from your keys and fobs to your wallet and even credit cards. Spray the exterior of backpacks since they’re often thrown about on various surfaces like desks, tables and even the floor.

5. Glasses & Cases

The last thing we want near our eyes is bacteria. Wipe down your sunglasses, reading glasses and the cases you store them in.

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