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The Latest COVID-19 Prevention Tips

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The health crisis may still be in full force, but promising changes are taking place in the pandemic fight. While more widespread testing, new treatments and the arrival of vaccines are changing the game, we still need to take COVID-19 prevention measures. Below are the latest updates to coronavirus prevention practices, from masking up and handwashing to cleaning regularly with non-bleach disinfectant.

Mask Up Next-Level Style

We’ve known for months that masks help prevent you from contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to others. In its most recent scientific brief, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that masks and face coverings reduce the risk of infection by over 70%. It’s extremely important to keep wearing your mask, because even if you’re asymptomatic, you can still spread the virus. Be sure to cover both your nose and mouth. Some people are even double-masking, though there is not much conclusive research about the benefits of this yet.

Stay Away From Crowds

As much as we all want to get out and socialize, being in a crowd puts you at high risk for COVID-19. Avoid going to places where crowds gather, especially indoors.

Avoid Poor Ventilation

Stay away from indoor spaces without proper ventilation. Play it safe and eat at restaurants with al fresco dining or take your meals to go.

Limit Physical Contact

Avoid hugging and shaking hands with people outside your household since skin-to-skin contract can cause COVID-19 transmission.

Stay Distant

Continue to practice social distancing and avoid close contact with anyone who has been exposed or shows symptoms. Stay at least six feet from people outside your household. If someone you live with is sick, put six feet or more in between you.

Disinfect Regularly

Use a non-bleach disinfectant to clean all the high-touch areas and communal surfaces in your home and workplace every day. Pay special attention to tables, countertops, desks, keyboards, doorknobs, light switches, handles, phones, remote controls, sinks, faucets and toilets. It’s essential to only use an EPA-registered disinfectant like Clear Gear or else it may not kill the germs that cause COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Diligent Handwashing

Continue washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water after every outing and beyond. Wash them before and after preparing food, eating, using the restroom, touching your face, handling your mask, touching pets and doing laundry. Wash your hands immediately after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. Use a hand sanitizer made up of at least 60% alcohol when soap and water is not on hand.

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