Top 7 Tips for COVID-19 Prevention

COVID-19 Prevention

Top 7 Tips for COVID-19 Prevention

Top 7 Tips for COVID-19 Prevention 500 263 Clear Gear

COVID-19 prevention is at the forefront of everyone’s minds during this unprecedented time. We’ve learned that the human coronavirus spreads fast and is life-threatening for some, while others can be asymptomatic and spread this formidable disease. It’s more important than ever to practice good hygiene and take additional steps to protect yourself from an outbreak.

Here are ways to take your COVID-19 prevention measures to the next level.

1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly & Frequently

This step is mandatory! Wash your hands several times a day with warm soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Be sure to scrub your thumbs, wrists and clean underneath your fingernails. Wash your hands several times throughout the day—after going outside, getting the mail, working on your computer or using phones and devices. When soap is not handy, use a hand sanitizer with alcohol content of no less than 60 percent.

2. Be on Point With Social Distancing

If you have to go outside or to the store, be sure to maintain a distance of at least six feet from other people. This protects you and other people since the virus can be transmitted by close contact with another person. Even if you’re asymptomatic, you can still carry and transmit COVID-19.

3. Don’t Touch Your Face

If you’re exposed to COVID-19, touching your face can spread the virus from your hands into your body. Strive to stop touching your face, especially near your mucous membranes (your eyes, nose and mouth). Avoid biting your fingernails as well.

4. Adopt Next Level Disinfection Habits

Research shows that the human coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours—possibly even longer. Use a powerful EPA-registered antibacterial spray like Clear Gear to disinfect communal areas and high-touch surfaces in your house, such as light switches, door and cabinet handles, doorknobs, etc.

5. Do the Vampire Sneeze

No tissue on hand? Cough or sneeze into your flexed elbow to prevent respiratory droplets from spreading into the air.

6. Minimize Contact

COVID-19 can be spread via skin-to-skin contact. Avoid hugging, kissing and touching for now.

7. Don’t Share Personal Items

Avoid sharing personal items, from washcloths, towels and makeup to phones, devices and computers. Don’t share food, utensils, cups, straws or dishes.

8. Self-Isolate if You Are Ill

If you’re experiencing symptoms of the human coronavirus, self-isolate at home. Avoid close contact with loved ones. If symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical help immediately.

Stay vigilant so you can protect yourself and avoid spreading the human coronavirus to others. Visit this link to learn how Clear Gear can help with COVID-19 prevention.