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How To Disinfect a Pilates Studio

Pilates studio disinfectant

Thorough disinfection is essential for keeping Pilates studios safe. We want everyone to enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of working out as safely as possible, which is why we’re sharing a protocol for keeping Pilates studios and equipment as germ-free as possible. Clear Gear is the perfect Pilates studio disinfectant spray since it contains no bleach, alcohol, peroxide or ammonia to corrode or damage expensive equipment. It’s important to include it in your disinfection steps and deep clean regularly so that clients can breathe, stretch and flow in the studio.

Here are some important steps to follow for your disinfection protocol.

Hit the Mats with your Pilates Studio Disinfectant

The spongy material that Pilates and exercise mats are made of provide the perfect breeding ground for germs. They harbor sweat and all sorts of bacteria, which means they need to be sprayed and wipes down after each use. Since Clear Gear fitness mat disinfectant contains no bleach, it won’t harm your mats or leave lingering, noxious fumes behind. Spray mats after every use, wipe them down and let them air dry between uses.

Deep Clean Equipment

Pilates studios are full of equipment that needs to be deep cleaned and disinfected regularly. Be sure to pay extra attention to the Magic Ring, Cadillacs, weighted balls, straps, bars, chairs and reformers. Spray everything down with bleach-free Pilates studio disinfectant, wipe and let dry.

Be Detail-Oriented

Pilates equipment has a lot of nooks, crannies and high touch areas that can foster germs. Pay special attention to areas like the head and shoulder rests on reformers, straps and other unique crevices of Pilates equipment. It’s important to use a bleach-free disinfectant like Clear Gear to avoid damaging and wearing down metal areas of equipment, leather and delicate materials often used.

Target the Floors

Floors are another surface that spread nasty germs and diseases like ringworm and athlete’s foot. It’s especially dangerous since members walk on them with bare feet, socks and shoes. Schedule regular deep cleaning between classes and sessions and spray often with Pilates studio disinfectant spray.

Don’t Skip Locker Rooms

The warm, humid air in locker rooms coupled with the lack of ventilation and sweaty athletic gear, make for a perfect storm when it comes to infections. Use Clear Gear bleach-free fitness mat disinfectant to disinfect all high touch areas and surfaces while killing odors too. Clean and disinfect everything from the actual lockers themselves to the benches, floors and shelves.

Follow these tips to help reduce the risk of spreading the germs that cause infections.

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