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Locker Rooms

Disinfect and Deodorize Locker Rooms

Locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, training rooms and equipment rooms get a lot of use. Which means they also collect a lot of germs, bacteria and odors. Where there are germs, there is increased risk for illness and infection. From dangerous infections like staph and MRSA, to annoying ones like the flu, impetigo, and athlete’s foot – these areas see it all. It’s imperative to set up and maintain a proper cleaning protocol to keep germs and bacteria — and sickness — at bay.

Locker Room Cleaning Tips


Start by talking with your staff about proper protocols. Clear Gear can help you set up an easy to follow cleaning protocol that staff, athletes and custodians can follow. It’s easy and saves time when you have a plan to follow.


Talk with athletes about proper sports hygiene. Get their attention on this, its important to their health. Athletes play an important role in keeping infections and odors under control.


Use a disinfectant and deodorizer, like Clear Gear Spray, and spray equipment and key areas

  • Clean your shower area with Clear Gear Spray on a regular basis and especially after high use from athletes
  • Spray lockers inside and out
  • Don’t forget the dirtiest places: the toilet, sink, handles and door knobs
  • Spray all horizontal surface such as benches, chairs and other seating areas after each practice and game
  • Spray gym or workout bags regularly, especially if used for sweaty clothes or gear
  • Spray all gear, equipment or machines – foam pads, handles, helmets, pads, guards, gloves, weights, cardio equipment, mats, floors, etc.

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