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Who Uses Clear Gear Spray?

Athletes of all ages!

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Show of hands, who has left a pair of stinky athletic shoes or gloves outside because you can’t take the smell?

Or worse – who has thrown away expensive athletic gear because you just can’t get the stink out?

You’re not alone. With kids in sports, you’re bound to experience the dreaded, stinky-gear-left-in-car effect at some point. But did you know that odors from sports gear like cleats, pads, helmets, and gloves come from the same dangerous germs that cause infections and illness?

Why Clear Gear Spray?

Evidence shows that kids playing in school sports are at higher risk of contracting diseases like MRSA, staph, herpes, ringworm, impetigo, and the flu. To prevent infections and get rid of the source of odors, you need more than just soap and water or air freshener. Keep your kids healthy and your house, car, and garage odor-free by disinfecting and deodorizing their sports gear and equipment with Clear Gear Spray.

Keep Athletes Safe. Eliminate Odors.

Clear Gear Spray is a disinfecting and deodorizing spray for athletic gear and equipment that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and gets rid of smells. With kids in sports, Clear Gear Spray is your best line of defense against infection and odor.

  • Simple to use – just spray on and let dry!
  • Prevents infection
  • Gets rid of odors
  • Bleach and alcohol free
  • Safe on gear
  • Lightly scented
  • Made in the USA, EPA registered
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Who Uses Clear Gear

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