How to Use Healthcare Disinfectant Spray to Disinfect Your Bathroom

How to Disinfect the Bathroom

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A bathroom can never be too clean—especially during a pandemic. While we once thought it was enough just to clean bathrooms, now we know that disinfection is key. It’s become essential to regularly deep clean and disinfect every room in your house with a healthcare disinfectant spray that kills COVID-19 like Clear Gear. Proper disinfection will help eliminate the bacteria, fungus and other germs trying to breed in your bathroom. Plan a weekly attack on bathroom germs for best results.

Here are steps for cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom from top to bottom.

Wear Gloves

Protect your hands from germs by wearing disposable gloves while you clean and disinfect. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after each cleaning session and avoid touching your face.

Scrub Tiles & Grout

Scrub the tiles in your bathroom to kill mold and eliminate the calcium deposits caused by repeated water exposure. Use a stiff brush to get into the nitty gritty corners of the grout where mold thrives. Keeping the grout clean deters germs and helps prevent it from looking yellow and dingy.

Target the Sink

The bathroom sink is one of the germiest places in the whole house! Dirt and bacteria accumulate in our sinks along with other sources of grime, including toothpaste buildup, hair and excess products. Give it a deep clean and then spray a dry wipe or cloth with Clear Gear EPA-certified disinfectant and wipe. Pay special attention to faucet handles since they harbor germs from all the hands that touch them throughout the day.

Hit the Toilet

If you want a fresh, sparkling toilet bowl, you’ll need to deep clean it as much as possible. Start by flushing the toilet and letting the water rise back up. Then apply toilet bowl cleaner and let sit for several minutes. Use a stiff-bristled toilet brush to scrub it thoroughly and then flush. We like to spray Clear Gear in the bowl when we’re done to kill off any lingering germs. Then spray Clear Gear onto a dry wipe and use it to disinfect the exterior base of the toilet and high-touch areas like the toilet seat and flusher handle.

Disinfect the Tub & Shower

Whether your bathroom features a shower or tub, it’s a breeding ground for germs, mold and mildew. First remove and wash all bathmats or rugs. Then wash the surface with a cleaner that is safe for the material your shower or tub is made of. Once the area is clean, spray a dry wipe or microfiber cloth with Clear Gear EPA-certified disinfectant and wipe everything down. This will help kill the germs that cause COVID-19, the flu and other infectious diseases.

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