COVID-19 Prevention—Protect Your Gym Against COVID-19

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Let’s face it—gyms are a breeding ground for germs, including the ones that cause COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Small, indoor spaces coupled with a multitude of people sweating on shared equipment is a recipe for nasty infections. The good news is, Clear Gear is the perfect weapon for COVID-19 prevention. Our premier athletic gear disinfectant kills the germs that cause COVID-19 in just three minutes without damaging or corroding exercise equipment and sports gear.

It’s essential to establish and follow a strict disinfection protocol to keep your staff and members safe. While different states have different requirements, there are guidelines that apply across the board. Here are some tips for protecting your gym against the human coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Offer Outdoor Workouts

In some states, gyms are only allowed to open if the workouts take place outdoors. Even if your state doesn’t require this, it’s a good practice to implement. Members should still practice social distancing, with at least eight feet in between each other when participating in exercises that require heavy exertion.

Establish a Disinfection Protocol

Set up several deep cleaning and disinfection periods throughout the day to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. You may even want to close during slower periods to perform deep cleaning. If your facility offers classes, schedule the room and gear to be cleaned and disinfected after every session. If you need help creating a protocol, we offer complimentary materials online to help you follow and promote best practices, including a How-To Guide, flyers, posters and stickers. Login to your customer account or create one to access these materials.

Make Disinfectant Available

Provide an EPA-registered disinfectant throughout your facility so that members can disinfect before and after using equipment. Hang signage asking them to disinfect all individual machines, mats and gear before and after every use. Clear Gear athletic gear disinfectant kills COVID-19 in just three minutes, making it ideal for turning over machines. Provide several hand sanitation stations in easily accessible areas of your gym.

Limit Capacity

Offer limited capacity in accordance with your state’s guidelines. You may want to establish a reservation system with an app or software like MindBody Online to minimize waiting time for your guests. Only allow members who are exercising to be inside the facility. Require those waiting for their reservation time to do so outside or in their car.

Promote CDC Guidelines

Hang signage throughout your facility to promote COVID-19 prevention measures like hand washing, social distancing and face coverings.

Click here to learn more about how our athletic gear disinfectant will help you protect your staff and members against the infections that breed in gyms. From COVID-19, athlete’s foot and ringworm to staph/MRSA, the flu and strep, Clear Gear EPA-registered disinfectant has you covered.

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