How EPA Registered Disinfectant & A Vampire Sneeze Prevents Infection

How the Vampire Sneeze Helps Prevent Infections

EPA registered disinfectant

The Vampire Sneeze isn’t just Dracula’s signature move, it’s an effective way to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses. It should be a part of your disease-fighting arsenal, along with hand washing, social distancing and an EPA registered disinfectant like Clear Gear.

It’s important to practice Dracula’s move whenever we have to cough or sneeze—and to teach this to children as well. While we don’t have to completely follow in the famous vampire’s overdramatic footsteps, coughing and sneezing into the crook of your elbow goes a long way. It slows the spread of respiratory droplets containing germs that cause everything from COVID-19, the flu and common colds to strep, pneumonia and other infectious diseases.

In an ideal scenario, you have athletic gear disinfectant on hand to clean surfaces and tissues for sneezing. But if not, the Vampire Sneeze is your next best bet.

Whenever we sneeze or cough, respiratory droplets fly into the air and can transmit dangerous germs to surfaces and other people. Throughout history, many plagues were transmitted via respiratory droplets. Common infections are still spread this way, including the conditions we mention above, as well as:

Fifth disease (erythema infectiosum)
Whooping cough

Feel a sneeze or cough coming on? Here are the steps to take to prevent droplet transmission:

1. Sneeze or cough into a tissue and immediately throw it away. If a tissue is not readily available, use the Vampire Sneeze technique.
2. Immediately wash your hands with soap and water, lathering vigorously for 20 seconds or more. If soap and water are not immediately available, use hand sanitizer in the meantime and wash properly as soon as possible.
3. Spray the surrounding area and surfaces with athletic gear disinfectant just to be safe! Clear Gear kills COVID-19 in just three minutes without any bleach or alcohol, making it the perfect spray for home and on-the-go.

Visit this link to learn more ways to help stop the spread of infectious diseases with our EPA registered disinfectant.

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