Twindemic Prevention Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving

Twindemic prevention Thanksgiving 2020

With Thanksgiving around the corner, Americans are grappling with how to celebrate in the midst of a pandemic. Balancing Twindemic prevention with seeing family during the holidays may prove a little tricky. This year, we need to think outside the box of our traditional celebrations to keep our loved ones safe. Here are some tips for staying healthy while enjoying the holiday season.


People and businesses are decorating earlier this year. Festive lights and décor go a long way in keeping spirits high. Decorate your house inside and out to invoke that holiday vibe.

Go Online

Zoom and Skype calls have become a widespread means of communication due to various stay-at-home orders. Consider staying in a COVID-free bubble this holiday by eating together on a video call. Hosting a virtual dinner is great way to catch up and enjoy each other while savoring your Thanksgiving meal.

Take it Outside

If you plan to have family over for Thanksgiving dinner, eat your meal outdoors if possible. Make it comfortable with heat lamps or a fire pit f you don’t live in a warm climate.

Celebrate Safely

If you plan to have family members over, commit to a deep clean and disinfection both before and after your celebration. Use a complete home disinfectant spray that is free of bleach and alcohol like Clear Gear. Keep the number of guests small and wear face coverings while maintaining appropriate physical distance. Promote handwashing before and after the meal and provide hand sanitizer on the table and throughout your house. To help prevent your Thanksgiving becoming a super spreader event, avoid contact with anyone not attending for 14 days before and after.

Think Outside the Box

There are many creative ways to celebrate the holidays even though they may be different than your usual traditions. Go for a hike or long walk or on your own or with someone from your immediate household. Hit a drive-through movie or event where you get to remain in your vehicle for the duration. There are virtual tree-lighting ceremonies and live performances you can check out online. If you must dine out, choose an outdoor restaurant in compliance with public health guidance.

Movie Night

Thanksgiving weekend is a great time to have a movie night. Catch up on the latest releases, old favorites or holiday-themed movies with your immediate household members. Wipe common areas and surfaces with a complete home disinfectant spray before and after to be extra safe.

While this 2020 holiday season will be different than years past, we can use technology and creativity to create new traditions and make the most of the season. Click here for more information on COVID-19 and Twindemic prevention.

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