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5 Ways to Protect Kids Against Winter Germs

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It’s getting colder across the country, which means winter germs are everywhere. Cold and flu season is in effect and other winter illnesses are brewing. The cool winter air provides an environment where germs and viruses thrive. Plus, immunity is weaker this time of year, especially in children since their systems are less developed and they are exposed to many other kids. There is no better time to stock up on antibacterial and disinfectant spray for sports equipment to protect against the onslaught of winter germs.

It’s important to minimize the effects of your kids swapping germs with their entire class. Follow these tips to help your children prevent and battle sickness.

Teach Proper Hand Washing Skills

It’s essential to teach kids to wash their hands several times throughout the day. They are exposed to so many dangerous germs on a daily basis—hand washing is one of the best ways to stop illness in its tracks. Hands should be washed with soap and brought to a lather for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Disinfect Backpacks & Gym Bags

Many germs can live on anything from uniforms, clothing and shoes to backpacks and gym bags for two to three days! Disinfect all of the above with Clear Gear disinfectant spray for sports equipment. It’s safe to use on all of the above items and kills 99.9 percent of the germs that cause the flu, colds and other winter illnesses.

Sanitize Your House

Disinfect all high-touch surfaces and areas in your home regularly. Sanitize every day when someone in your household gets sick to stop the illness from spreading. Give the laundry special attention as well—pre-treat clothes and uniforms with Clear Gear and let them sit 10 minutes before washing.

Hands Off

Teach your children not to touch high-touch surfaces and to keep their hands away from their face. A study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley shows that adults touch their eyes, nose and mouth approximately 16 times during a three-hour period. Children touch their faces more than adults—and often times after they’ve touched everything they came into contact with! Instill the hands-off habit and teach them to keep their hands away from their eyes, mouths and noses.

Strengthen Immunity

A healthy diet and adequate sleep strengthens kids’ immune systems and helps fight off colds and influenza. Strive to prepare whole foods and an array of antioxidant-rich produce to keep them strong and healthy. Make sure your kids drink plenty of water, especially after playing sports or participating in other physical activities.

Follow the above tips to safeguard your family from the flu, colds, viruses and other winter illnesses. Click through to learn more about Clear Gear, the unrivaled disinfectant spray for sports equipment.

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