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How to Clean Commercial and Industrial Locker Rooms


For many of us, a visit to the employee break room is the highlight of the work day. Nearly every commercial business and manufacturing facility plant offers a designated employee locker room or breakroom to eat lunch, store personal belongings, shower, and depending on the industry and shift, even catch up on some sleep.

These popular areas get a lot of use, which means they also collect a lot of germs and bacteria. Where there are germs, there is increased risk for illness and infection. From dangerous infections like staph and MRSA, to annoying ones like the flu, impetigo, and athlete’s foot — your favorite break spot sees it all. It’s imperative to maintain clean locker and break rooms in order to keep germs and bacteria — and sickness — at bay.

To keep employee locker rooms and break rooms clean, start by paying close attention to the dirtiest places: the toilet, sink, door knobs, and refrigerator handles. Other key surfaces to keep clean include countertops and table tops where food is prepared or eaten. Develop and follow a regular cleaning protocol for your employee break room or locker room that includes the following:

Step One

Wash your hands with soap and water! This includes before and after cleaning, and encouraging employees to do the same when visiting the break room. Post signage where appropriate.

Step Two

Vacuum, brush, or wipe off any loose debris from surfaces and floors.

Step Three

Use a disinfectant and deodorizer, like Clear Gear Spray, and spray down all key areas:

  • Toilet lids, seats, and handles
  • Sinks, including faucets and knobs
  • Countertops
  • Table tops
  • Locker handles
  • Door knobs
  • Refrigerator handles

Step Four

When cleaning at the end of the work day, allow surfaces to air dry. When cleaning during operational hours, spray surfaces, then wipe dry.

Step Five

To clean floors, first remove all furniture and any rugs. Apply a commercial size disinfectant solution and mop clean.

Keeping the employee locker room and break room clean and germ-free is especially important during the onset of cold and flu season. By following a regular cleaning protocol, you reduce the risk for employee sickness in the workplace, which can lead to increased productivity and morale.

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