Why You Need to Disinfect Your Shoes with Clear Gear Shoe Disinfectant Spray

Why You Need to Disinfect Your Shoes

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We all love our shoes—from cross-trainers and tennis shoes to high heels and boots. But whether you prefer inexpensive flip flops or high-end footwear, they all create a literal breeding ground for germs. Germs that cause illnesses and infectious diseases thrive on shoes, from those that cause foot-specific infections like Athlete’s foot and foot fungus to influenza, staph/MRSA, COVID-19 and more. This means we need to protect our shoes and ourselves with a sports shoe disinfectant spray like Clear Gear.

Why Disinfection is Essential

Everywhere we go, our shoes are a main point of contact. Whether we walk on the street, at the gym, the grocery store or at home, our shoes are going where many others have gone before. We’re tracking in a multitude of different germs, many of which can live on shoes for days. From plastics and synthetic materials to leather, no shoe is safe from germs.

When we clean our shoes, this removes surface dirt, but harmful germs can remain. Cleaning just isn’t enough—shoes require regular disinfection with something  powerful  like Clear Gear sports shoe disinfectant spray, which kills 99.9 percent of the germs that cause illness and odors. Clear Gear eliminates the germs without causing damage or corrosion due to its non-bleach formula that also contains no alcohol, peroxide or ammonia. This means we can protect and disinfect our shoes and eliminate germs, while maintaining their original luster.

Crucial First Steps

An easy way to stop tracking germs into your home is to change into a pair of indoor shoes like flip flops or slippers as soon as you go inside. Alternatively, you can put on shoe covers as soon as you walk in the door. Once removed, keep shoes in a separate space near your entry way. If you don’t have room, consider leaving them in the garage or immediately putting them in a plastic bag when you walk in the door. This way you can spray them with Clear Gear non-bleach disinfectant as soon as you remove them.

How to Disinfect Shoes

For best results, spray and wipe down shoes with shoe disinfectant spray as soon as you walk in the house. Wipe the soles and the exterior surfaces thoroughly, moving from top to bottom. Pay special attention to the soles, which carry the majority of harmful germs. Spray inside well to remove odors. Let shoes air dry before putting them on again.

Athletic shoes can be extra germy due to sweat and debris collected during sports, workouts and walking. This causes germs to proliferate, causing harmful infections and strong odors. For athletic shoes and others made of fabric, follow the disinfection step above using Clear Gear non-bleach disinfectant and then launder them in a washing machine with hot water. Use the sanitize setting on the washing machine if there is one available. Dry shoes in a well-ventilated area before wearing them again.

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