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Where Germs Lurk on Airplanes

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Many of us will jump on airplanes with our entire family for some vacation fun this summer. While you think you’re signing up for R&R, you’re also exposing yourself and your loved ones to massive amounts of germs. Close proximity to multitudes of strangers from all over the world and cramped airplane bathrooms makes travel riskier than many of us realize.

Here are some of the germiest places on an airplane.

Airplane Seatback Trays

Research has shown that seatback tray tables may have more bacteria than most toilets. People do a lot of crazy things on these makeshift tables—from eating, reading and resting their heads to applying makeup and changing diapers. Cabin crews have very limited time to clean every single tray, and their focus is typically on emptying trash. It makes sense that these trays don’t get wiped down thoroughly or disinfected.

Seat-Back Pockets

Cabin crews report that many people throw their trash, dirty tissues and used gum in the seat pockets that seem so perfect for storing cellphones, devices and toiletries. This is another area that is rarely cleaned and disinfected. What makes this extra scary is that a study conducted by the American Society for Microbiology found that MRSA was able to survive 168 hours on the material of a seat-back pocket of an airplane.


Studies have shown the germs survive the longest on armrests in airplanes, due to the material they’re composed of. The same study by the American Society for Microbiology found E. Coli bacteria could survive four days on armrest material.


Think about how many people sat on the seats before you in an airplane and it will make you cringe. The good news is, your clothes act as a barrier for most of these germs. Just don’t wear shorts!


While other areas of airplanes are surprisingly more germ-ridden than the toilet, these are the germiest restrooms you will probably ever use. With its tight enclosed space and high-touch surfaces, the airplane toilet is definitely a hotbed for germs.

In-Flight Entertainment Controls

These remotes rarely gets cleaned and disinfected, despite how many hands touch them every day.

Be cautious about touching the surfaces we talk about above and wash your hands often. Pack a strong antibacterial spray for sports equipment and wipe everything down, including your shoes, when you arrive at your destination.

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