The Risks of Wrestling and Why You Need Athletic Gear Disinfectant

The Risks of Wrestling

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There are many risks associated with sports, but even more so when it comes to wrestling. The sport’s heavy physical contact coupled with the minimal padding worn by wrestlers puts them at risk for many types of infections. Since wrestling is an individual, one-on-one sport, pressure is high and the margin for error is slim. Athletic gear disinfectant is an absolute imperative for this extremely physical sport!
Below are the most common health risks associated with wrestling.

Skin Infections

Skin infections are the greatest risk associated with wrestling. Due its physical nature, direct skin-to-skin contact is a regular occurrence. Plus, wrestlers use very little padding and their skin is mostly uncovered. These factors create a breeding ground for skin infections, including mat herpes, ringworm, impetigo, staph, strep, MRSA and more. To help prevent these conditions, wrestlers must follow a strict protocol that includes showering immediately after practices and matches, performing daily skin checks, and laundering all practice and match clothing. Wrestlers should treat floor and wall mats and spray down all gear and equipment with Clear Gear, the most powerful athletic gear disinfectant available, immediately after every use. If an athlete notices any abnormality on their skin, they should immediately notify a coach and/or athletic trainer.


Wrestlers are especially susceptible to concussions. Often times, wrestlers are thrown to the ground while wearing light headgear that is not sturdy enough to protect their head.

Weight Issues

Some wrestlers use unhealthy or extreme methods to qualify for a lighter weight class. This is not a good practice for any type of athlete. Wrestlers—and all athletes for that matter—should follow proper nutritional guidelines and consume a healthy diet. Ideally, wrestlers should compete in the appropriate weight class so that they aren’t tempted to use unhealthy weight loss tactics such as starvation or extreme diets.

Youth-Related Risks

Injury rates among youth wrestling are increasing. The type of injuries younger wrestlers often suffer take place in the upper-extremities, such as elbow dislocations and shoulder girdle, areas used often in the sport. Youth tend to suffer from this injury more than adult wrestlers because they are not fully physically developed, which makes them more susceptible.

Cauliflower Ear

Cauliflower Ear is a common wrestling injury. It occurs when blood collects in the outer ear after a wound isn’t drained properly or becomes infected.

Knee Bursitis

This common wrestling injury is due to the amount of time wrestlers spend on the ground moving their knees around. Bursitis occurs when the joints perform a frequent repetitive motion and the knee becomes inflamed.

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