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How to Stay in the Game

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The football season is in full effect! Whether you’re a coach, athlete, parent or weekend warrior, you’re probably thinking about winning instead of hygiene. Yet football is a high contact sport that requires a stringent hygiene protocol if you want to stay in the game. Teams can suffer an uncomfortable season if Athlete’s foot or ringworm goes around the locker room—or get completely taken out if a staph infection hits! Sports programs get shut down because of infectious outbreaks and millions are spent disinfecting schools, gyms and sports facilities. If only they used a powerful antibacterial spray for sports equipment like Clear Gear!

There are many highly contagious bacterial infections that can be spread through skin-to-skin contact, in the locker room, on gear and even on footballs! Follow these tips and teach your team to protect against the bacteria that cause nasty—and possibly dangerous—infections.

Wash Uniforms After Each Use

Most players don’t wash their jerseys enough yet wear them at every game. Jerseys are literally a breeding ground for germs—they get covered in dirt, mud and sometimes blood, and are regularly drenched with sweat. Pre-treat jerseys with Clear Gear after each use and then wash.

Clean All Gear

Germs thrive on the sweaty, dirty equipment touched by numerous players in practice and at games. Spray down all protective gear like knee pads, shin guards, cleats, shoulder pads, helmets and chin straps after every use. Let dry before using again. Gym bags are another breeding ground for bacteria that thrive in sweaty environments—spray them down after a game to stave off infections and eliminate odors.

Disinfect Footballs

Think of all the players from both teams who touch the football—centers, quarterbacks, receivers—the list goes on and on. Spray the football down with Clear Gear after every practice and game.

Practice Good Hygiene

Practicing good personal hygiene is essential to protect against germs and infections. Players should shower before and immediately after every game and practice. Personal items like soap, deodorant, razors and towels should never be shared. Players should always wear flip flops or shower shoes in the shower and spray them down with Clear Gear afterwards. No one should ever sit on a bench naked—it’s a cesspool of nasty germs.

Locker Room Cleanliness

If you’re a coach, take it to the next level and require deep cleaning of the locker room and training areas. Wash towels and other items in hot water. Spray down all workout equipment and massage tables. Scour hydrotherapy tubs. Spray down lockers, which often house sweaty gear and equipment.

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