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Joe DeFranco Pack (Case)


The Joe DeFranco Package is the package to end all packages. While it certainly can be purchased for at home use, it is ideal for professional or institutional applications. The Joe DeFranco package contains: The Re-Fill Package consisting of (6) 1 gallon refill bottles, the Gym Package consisting of (12) 24oz spray bottles and the Team Package consisting of (12) 8oz spray bottles. As you can see, the Joe DeFranco Package is all business. Itʼs designed with a serious user in mind who is looking for serious and on-going protection. This package is also ideal for schools of all levels, athletic departments, commercial and private gyms as well as a variety of private and public institutions and hospitals. Purchasing the Joe DeFranco package also packs some significant savings by keeping $117 in your pocket.

As we update our bottle labels, you may receive our previous label and bottle design while we transition, but know it is the same great product you are accustomed to.

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