1 Gallon Bottle with Empty 24oz Bottle Disinfectant Spray - Clear Gear

Gallon Bottle with Empty 24 oz Bottle


Clear Gear’s 1 gallon sports spray container is an ideal solution for preventing disease causing bacteria and the spread of skin to skin contact diseases.

Clear Gear’s 24oz spray bottle kits include a bottle, trigger and label. This allows you to fill your own bottle with your Clear Gear gallons and use our included label or not, depending on your needs.

Maximum 3 items per order

Stocking product is a priority and in some cases will require us to use two types of containers for the one gallon size. Rest assured that both sizes contain the same amount and contents.

Clear Gearʼs 1 gallon sports spray container is an ideal solution for eliminating the germs that cause infectious diseases.

The 24oz bottle kit includes:
1 bottle
1 trigger
2 labels (Front and Back)

NOTE: This bottle is EMPTY

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