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Clear Gear Wipes 150 Count Bucket 2-Pack


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  • Clear Gear Wipes 150 count bucket of dry wipes (2) meant to be paired with Clear Gear Disinfectant Spray
  • These are DRY wipes, they do NOT have product on them. They can be used dry as a towelette or wet when sprayed with Clear Gear product
  • Clear Gear dry wipes are 10 inches x 7 inches, five times stronger than paper towels and come in a refillable bucket to save money
  • Made from absorbent natural wood pulp entangled with strong polyester fibers in the same nonwoven process as other leading premoistened wipes

Spray Clear Gear, let sit on the surface for 10 minutes to kill all germs, then wipe dry with Clear Gear wipe.

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to Disinfect & Deodorize their Equipment & Surfaces

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