Keep Wrestlers Safe With a Sports Protective Hear Spray

How to Keep Wrestlers Safe From Infection

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Wrestling is a high contact sport that puts athletes at greater risk for skin infections than other sports. Wrestlers are at risk for ringworm, impetigo and more serious conditions like cellulitis, Herpes simplex, scabies, and staph infections like MRSA. The threat of these conditions is the perfect reason to stock up on a potent sports protective gear spray like Clear Gear! Just ask some of our customers, like the IFC and WWE!

To keep your wrestlers safe, it’s essential to establish disinfecting protocols for wrestling gear, equipment and facilities. Here are some tips for protecting wrestlers in this high risk sport.

Disinfect Mats

Wrestling mats are breeding grounds for communicable skin infections that can be difficult to get rid of. Thoroughly sanitize and spray down mats with Clear Gear before and immediately after each use. This will protect against germs while extending the life of the mat.

Clean All Gear

Teach your team to disinfect all wrestling gear and equipment, like protective pads, headgear, and uniforms with Clear Gear Spray. Allow gear to dry thoroughly before next use.

Sanitize the Wrestling Room

Have the wrestling room sanitized whenever possible. Strive to get a good amount of air flowing through the room. This will help deter nasty germs that thrive in hot, sweaty environments.

Instill Healthy Habits

Instill good hygiene habits among your athletes. Encourage athletes to pre-treat their workout clothes and uniforms with Clear Gear and then wash clothes after practice and matches. Athletes should shower immediately after every practice, workout, match and competition. Shower shoes and flip flops should always be worn in the shower. Tell your wrestlers never to share personal items like soap, razors and towels. Make sure wrestlers keep all cuts, lesions or abrasions clean and properly covered.

Disinfect Locker Rooms

The locker room is a favorite location for germs that cause infections. Spray down all the lockers, benches and high-touch areas with Clear Gear. Tell wrestlers never to sit on benches naked.

Report Infections

If a wrestler contracts an infection, immediately remove them from contact. Report infections to parents, other coaches and athletic trainers. Send the athlete to a doctor so they can diagnose and prescribe treatment. Do not let them return until all symptoms have subsided and the doctor gives them the green light.

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