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Proper Sports Hygiene

Sports Hygiene for All Athletes

Proper sports hygiene is a critical element to reducing infections and odors. Athletes of all ages (including youth and teenagers) need to follow a routine to keep safe. At Clear Gear, we not only want to help with odors and infection prevention, we also want to be a resource to help athletes, parents and coaches implement a sports hygiene routine.

Before the next workout, practice or game, follow these steps to keep infection free, and help with those pesky odors.

Sports Hygiene Tips

  • Shower with soap and water immediately after practice/games/matches
  • Do not share personal hygiene items (bar soap, towels, razors), clothing or water bottles
  • Ensure any cuts/scraps are cleaned and dressed properly before and after practice/games
  • Do not store sweaty or wet gear/clothing in lockers, gym bag or closets
  • Use Clear Gear on sports equipment and shoes after each practice or game; spray down that equipment bag too.
  • Always spray Clear Gear after playing a game against an opposing team. That’s when cross-contamination of germs can lead to infection.

Download Sports Hygiene Tips for Athletes PDF

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