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How to Stay Germ-Free on the Basketball Court

Basketball Disinfectant Spray

Basketball can be a dirty game—and we’re not talking about cheating. It’s a high-performance sport that makes players work hard and sweat. The environment breeds germs that cause infectious diseases like MRSA that sideline careers and even threaten lives. It’s critical to protect players on and off the court with a disinfectant spray for sports equipment that kills dangerous germs.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself and other players from contracting infections that are common to basketball.

Disinfect Basketballs Carefully

Basketballs are exposed to dirt, sweat and blood by the many hands that touch them, creating an ideal breeding ground for germs that are tough to get rid of. Studies show that the bacteria that cause staph infections can survive on a basketball for up to 72 hours! Cleaning the balls is a priority after games and practices. Basketballs are typically made from rubber, or either synthetic or natural leather, which makes them susceptible to damage. Avoid strong detergents and bleach which can dry out these materials and negatively impact performance. Don’t soak basketballs in water or clean them when they’re deflated. Thorough cleaning with non-bleach disinfectant will help protect against germs while increasing the lifespan of the balls. Protect against corrosion by choosing a bleach-free basketball disinfectant spray like Clear Gear that kills 99.9 percent of germs.

Hit The Showers

Whether you play with a recreational team, coach pro basketball players or head up a school athletic department, you need to establish a protocol. Require players to shower immediately after practice, games and competitions. Warn players not to share personal items, such as soap, razors or towels. Recommend that shower shoes or flip flops are worn in the showers and locker room. Schedule regular deep cleanings of the locker room twice a day, and make sure special attention is paid to benches and high touch surfaces like faucets and light switches.

Target Uniforms With Your Basketball Disinfectant Spray

Get players in the habit of thoroughly spraying uniforms and gear with Clear Gear basketball disinfectant spray after each game. This will pretreat these items and start killing germs right away. Uniforms should be washed as soon as possible. Have players disinfect gym and workout bags before tossing their unforms inside and after transferring them to the washing machine. Spray all basketball gear with disinfectant spray for sports equipment and allow it to dry thoroughly before it’s used again.

Hit The Floors

Shoes carry an incredible amount of germs, which are transferred to the floor of the court during play. This makes it essential to deep clean and disinfect floors after practice and games. Clear Gear is your best bet for disinfecting the floor since it contains no bleach, ammonia, peroxide or alcohol, all of which can peel the finish or damage the court floor.

An effective basketball disinfectant spray will help keep basketball players in the game and healthy off the court.

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