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How to Play Youth Sports Safely

COVID-19 prevention

After an entire season on the bench due to COVID-19, many kids are ready to play ball. While it’s up to the states and schools to lay the groundwork for when sports start up again, it’s important to take your own measures to protect your children against coronaviruses, influenza, staph and other infectious diseases. Below are some practices to put in place to help with COVID-19 prevention and beyond.

Before the Game

Avoid carpooling with teammates. During times like these, it’s best to limit your passengers to family members only. Less exposure is the name of this game.

While your athlete needs to be on time for their practice or game, avoid getting there too early. Aim to arrive just a few minutes early and then wait in the car until right before activities start.

Do not come to your child’s game or practice if you’re sick or have been exposed to someone who is. Don’t allow your athlete to participate if they are sick either.

Add disinfection essentials to your player’s gym bag, including hand sanitizer, a towel and Clear Gear antibacterial spray for sports equipment.

Infectious diseases are easily transmitted when personal items are shared. Label all your athlete’s sports equipment, gear and clothing with their name.

During the Game

Instruct your player to practice social distancing throughout every aspect of the game, including warmups and practices.

Players should avoid spitting and chewing gum altogether. COVID-19  and other diseases are easily transmitted via saliva.

No more chest or fist bumps, high-fives and hugs—a thumbs up or elbow bump will have to suffice for the duration of the pandemic.

After the Game

Have your athlete properly wash their hands immediately after the game or practice ends and then shower!

Bring a bottle of Clear Gear antibacterial spray for sports equipment to disinfect all balls, bats, helmets, shoes and other gear before loading it into the car. Don’t forget to spray their gym bag too!

As soon as you get home, pre-treat uniforms and other clothing worn with Clear Gear. Spray and let dry for 10 minutes, and then wash.

Visit this link for more tips on COVID-19 prevention and our EPA-registered disinfectant spray for sports equipment.

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