How to Manage an Infectious Outbreak With Athletic Gear Disinfectant

How to Manage an Infectious Outbreak

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Maybe you didn’t find Clear Gear, the ultimate athletic gear disinfectant, before an outbreak hit. Maybe you haven’t been wiping down communal areas you’re regularly exposed to with antibacterial spray. Regardless of how it happened, an infectious outbreak can send those exposed into a tailspin.

At Clear Gear, we’ve heard it all. Whether emergency responders are exposed to staph, an athletic team contracts ringworm or a group of children catches the flu, we can help you manage an infectious outbreak.
Here is your plan of attack for managing an outbreak and limiting exposure.

Alert All Those Exposed

As soon as an outbreak is identified, it’s important to inform everyone exposed about the infection at hand. This allows those who may be impacted to take action to protect themselves and their loved ones. There may be vaccines and medications necessary or available or a protocol to put into place to minimize exposure.

Deep Clean

The next step is to do a massive deep clean of any areas affected. Spray, spray, spray with a potent ultimate disinfectant like Clear Gear on all areas, equipment and uniforms.

• Facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms, break rooms, workout areas, vehicles, physical training rooms —and everything in between. Pay special attention to high traffic areas such as door handles.
• Shared exercise equipment such as weights, mats, cardio machines and other equipment used while working out.
• Gear worn by athletes and professionals such as helmets, pads, uniform, safety goggles, etc.—anything that is touched or worn.
• When disinfecting and cleaning, remove all furniture and rugs and then sweep, vacuum, and wipe off any loose debris.

Set Up a Stringent Protocol

Set up a protocol for EVERYONE to follow moving forwards. Facilities should be cleaned on a regular basis, with someone hitting common areas every day. After cleaning, the surfaces should be sprayed down with Clear Gear. If it’s after hours, let the spray dry naturally for best results. Individuals should wash their hands regularly and be diligent about personal hygiene. Athletes should follow their own personal hygiene protocol that includes showering immediately after every practice and game, avoiding sharing personal items and spraying equipment, uniforms and gear with Clear Gear.

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