How to Disinfect Your Living Room With Healthcare Disinfectant Spray

How to Disinfect Your Living Room

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Communal spaces are a hotbed for germs that cause Covid-19, influenza, strep and staph infections like MRSA. The living room is typically the most utilized space in a home, the place to gather with friends, family and pets to hang out, watch television or just relax. This makes it an environment where germs can thrive—and an area where using healthcare disinfectant spray is a must.

Here is our how-to guide for disinfecting your living room.

Hit the Floors

Studies show that shoes have more germs than toilet seats! Our shoes track in matter from the floors of every place we go, making them the dirtiest item we bring into our homes. They can carry harmful germs like E. coli and bacteria that causes dangerous illnesses like pneumonia, respiratory tract infections and even meningitis. The best way to protect against them is by making your living room a shoe-free zone. If that’s not realistic, set a regular schedule for cleaning and disinfecting your floors. If you have hardwood floors, take time to vacuum, clean and then disinfect them with an EPA-certified disinfectant like Clear Gear. Use our gallon pail and convenient sprayer to cover the floors thoroughly.  Do this several times a week if you can.

Clean Your Rugs

Vacuum and steam clean your rugs as much as possible. If steam cleaning cannot be done often, follow vacuuming by spraying with a healthcare disinfectant spray to kill germs. Spray the rug in its entirety and let it dry.

High-Touch Surfaces

Hit the hard, non-porous surfaces with Clear Gear EPA-certified disinfectant. Pay special attention to high-touch surfaces like tables and shelves and items like doorknobs, handles and light switches.

Target Remotes

Since remotes are passed around and rarely cleaned, they provide a breeding ground for germs. Kill the germs lurking on your remote’s surface with antibacterial spray. Spray, wipe the surface and let dry.

While avoiding germs altogether it tough, it’s essential to protect ourselves and our families with a regular disinfection protocol. Click here to learn about Clear Gear, our EPA-registered healthcare disinfectant spray.

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