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How to Disinfect Sports Gear

Disinfect sports gear to prevent illness

Sports gear is a breeding ground for germs that cause nasty illnesses and infections. Whether you’re trying to slay locker room germs or annihilate athletic odor, you need a powerful routine to disinfect sports gear and workout equipment. It’s essential to find something strong enough to kill the germs that cause everything from Athlete’s foot, ringworm and COVID-19 to the flu and staph infections like MRSA without damaging your gear or leaving noxious fumes behind. We recommend implementing the following steps with Clear Gear disinfectant spray for gym equipment, which has a light, fresh scent and contains no bleach, alcohol, peroxide or ammonia.

Tackle Uniforms and Workout Clothes

Some of the germiest—and most stinky—casualty items from workouts and practices are clothing and uniforms. Germs on clothing items pervade everything from gym bags and locker rooms to cars and homes, putting us at risk and leaving behind nasty athletic odor. The following are must-dos for cleaning and disinfection:

  • Remove clothing items and uniforms immediately after use.
  • Spray with Clear Gear non-bleach disinfectant as soon as possible.
  • Air dry elastic clothing such as baseball and football pants.
  • Avoid using extra detergent as a means for removing germs. It can actually cause buildup to develop! Instead, pre-treat clothing items with Clear Gear for five minutes before washing.
  • Wash clothes inside out, using a sports gear detergent, if possible.

Disinfect & Wash Pads

Keeping your gear sanitized and disinfectant is key to staying healthy and infection-free.

  • Spray all items from top to bottom with Clear Gear sports disinfectant spray.
  • Launder pads in the washing machine with sports detergent, using the heavy duty setting. Wash them in a pillowcase with the ends tied to protect from damage from the washing machine.
  • Hang items like football pads to air dry.
  • Spray gym bags and backpacks with gym disinfectant, inside and out.
  • Schedule periodic deep cleans/washing of all uniforms and gear.

Target Helmets & Gloves

We wear helmets and gloves over and over, allowing germs caused by sweat to multiply and attack.

  • Spray these items with Clear Gear non-bleach disinfectant immediately after each use.
  • Pay special attention to chin guards.
  • Wipe down or air dry.
  • Deep clean helmets and hand wash gloves regularly!

Don’t Forget Footwear

Shoes and other footwear, such as cleats and skates, harbor a tremendous amount of germs, both inside and out. Think about how often we walk around and play sports on germ-ridden surfaces and then walk inside our homes! We’re tracking in an abundance of germs that put ourselves and loved ones at risk.

  • Spray with sports disinfectant immediately after wearing. Be sure to pay close attention to the bottoms, exterior and interior of all footwear.
  • Allow to air dry, preferably outside if possible.
  • Remove and machine wash insoles thoroughly after disinfecting. Replace them when they show signs of wear.
  • Launder shoes periodically for a deep cleaning.

Disinfect Sports Gear & Gym Equipment

Whether we’re at the gym or playing a sport, we’re typically touching equipment that many others have touched. Pay attention to everything you touch and develop disinfection habits to protect yourself.

  • Wash your hands before and after using equipment or playing sports.
  • Use hand sanitizer in between sets or game play.
  • Disinfect sports gear like balls and all other equipment after every practice or game.
  • When possible, use your own equipment, such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, racquets, etc.
  • Avoid sharing personal items such as water bottles, soap and towels.

Follow these tips and use Clear Gear disinfectant spray for gym equipment to disinfect sports gear and keep it clean and pristine so you can stay healthy. Clear Gear’s bleach-free formula won’t damage or corrode your gear and leaves no noxious fumes behind.

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