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How to Combat Cold Season

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While we can catch a cold any time of the year, we’re more susceptible during wintertime. Colder weather keeps us closer together—and to others’ germs! Common colds are one of the biggest causes of school absences, days off of work and missed workouts. They can force you to miss out on fun activities like sports, parties and special events. But if you follow a few of our tips and stock up on a fitness center antibacterial spray like Clear Gear, you’ll combat cold season like never before.

Hand Washing

The viruses that cause colds can live and breed on your hands for hours! Washing your hands thoroughly prevents germs from spreading and getting you sick. Wash your hands several times throughout the day with soap and water. Be thorough—wash them for a minimum of 20 seconds. Teach your children to do the same. If you don’t have soap and water on hand, use a hand sanitizer until you can wash them adequately.


Drink plenty of water and tea to properly hydrate so that you’re less apt to catch a cold. If you feel symptoms coming on, proper hydration will reduce their impact and stimulate the lymphatic system to help move the illness through your system. Avoid sugar-laden drinks and alcohol as much as possible since they contribute to dehydration, which can leave you susceptible to germs.

Don’t Be Touchy

Don’t touch your mouth, eyes and nose—especially with unwashed hands. Touching your face with unwashed hands is one of the fastest ways that colds and other viruses enter your body.

Avoid Contact

Stay away from anyone who is sick or is showing any symptoms at all. Close contact with sickies is a sure way to catch colds and other illnesses and possibly pass them along. If you’re feeling ill, do the same and stay away from healthy friends and loved ones.

Go on the Offense

Stop 99.9 percent of the germs that cause colds in their tracks with a potent fitness center antibacterial spray like Clear Gear. Spray down all the high-touch surfaces and areas in your home on a regular basis. Hit faucets, light switches, doorknobs and handles, bathroom areas, remote controls and telephones. If you share spaces like bathrooms, make sure everyone has their own towels—they can be conduits for all sorts of germs.

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