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GERMS 101—The 4 Types of Germs

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Germs are no joke. They can make you sick and even destroy your health. Germs wreak general havoc in so many ways—it’s essential to understand them so that you can properly protect yourself. Arm yourself with knowledge, and of course, a potent antibacterial spray for sports equipment that tackles germs on everything from shoes and gym equipment to protective eyewear and first responder gear.

Read on for a breakdown of the four types of germs that cause infections and disease.

1. Bacteria

These tiny, single-cell organisms reproduce fast and easily both inside and outside the body. They garner nutrition from their environment, whether they’re dwelling on humans, animals, food or water. While some bacteria are good, many cause nasty infections including strep throat, tonsillitis, cavities, ear infections, pneumonia and E. coli.

2. Viruses

These microorganisms can only reproduce and grow when they invade a host with living cells. When viruses infect, they spread diseases, many with no cure. Viruses cause chickenpox, measles, flu and many other diseases.

3. Protozoa

Protozoa are single-cell organisms that are attracted to moisture, and therefore spread disease through water. Oftentimes protozoa are the source of intestinal infections that cause nausea, pain and diarrhea.

4. Fungi

These multi-celled organisms are plant-like—they can live in water, soil, plants or even the air. Like bacteria, they obtain food from living organisms like animals, plants and humans. They thrive in damp, warm environments. While a lot of fungi are harmless, some cause uncomfortable conditions like ringworm, which leads to both jock itch and athlete’s foot.

Germs can spread many different ways. They are prevalent in high-touch surfaces but are also spread through saliva, sweat, blood and in the air. Germs can attack when you shake hands with someone who is sick or if they cough, sneeze and breathe in close proximity to you.

To protect yourself against germs, avoid sick people and high touch surfaces as much as possible. Wash your hands thoroughly after exposure and any time you use the restroom, pet animals, prepare food or engage in outdoor activities. Whenever your children play, have them wash their hands when they finish.

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