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The Germiest Things in Your Home

first responder equipment antibacterial spray

While some places in our homes are obvious germ magnets, there is a variety of threats you may not be aware of. Even though we’re taking COVID-19 prevention steps like wearing masks and washing hands, we need to disinfect the germiest items in our homes with just as much vigilance. It’s not a job for an everyday cleaner either—you need to use a powerful first responder equipment antibacterial spray like Clear Gear.

Here are some things in our home that we need to clean, disinfect or throw away to keep our households safe.


Sponges—especially those used in the kitchen sink—are a hotbed for germs. Dirt, food particles and bacteria easily get trapped inside damp, dirty sponges, where they breed and thrive. A recent study published in Scientific Reports tested 14 different used kitchen sponges and found that they harbored more bacteria than a typical toilet. The solution is simple—use antibacterial sponges and throw them away as often as you can. While in the past we were taught to microwave or simply clean sponges in soapy water, research shows that those methods may not do the job. Stronger strains of bacteria have been shown to live through conditions where they were nuked and soaped up!

Kitchen Knobs & Handles

The knobs and handles in your kitchen are very high-touch surfaces that put us at risk. We often touch them directly after handling raw food like unwashed produce or meat that is teeming with bacteria. Afterwards, we might open another cabinet and touch another knob and handle. Then someone else may come in and use the same handle and knob, exponentially increasing germ spread. Reduce your risk by disinfecting these surfaces before and after every use.


Sheets and pillows provide an environment for nasty bacteria, allergy-inducing fungi and microscopic organisms like dust mites to thrive. Invest in anti-allergen covers to protect your pillows from the germs that incite allergy attacks. Change your sheets twice a week if possible and launder them often. Pre-treat your bedding by spraying it with Clear Gear and letting it sit for a few minutes before washing. Use the highest heat settings available on your washer and dryer.

Bath Mats

The rugs and mats we place on our bathroom floors provide an ideal environment for germs and mold to hang out. They are damp, kept in a room that is dark most of the time and placed on the most contaminated room of the house. If you can, opt for a wooden mat since it provides a surface that is easy to disinfect. If you don’t want to sacrifice your bathroom’s style, then wash the mats a minimum of once per week after pre-treating with Clear Gear athletic gear disinfectant. Simply spray and let sit a few minutes before laundering on the highest heat setting. Do not wash the bathroom rug or mat with any other laundry items!

While it’s impossible to steer clear of all germs, we can do our best. We can put COVID-19 prevention measures in place, wear masks, wash our hands properly and disinfect as much as possible. Click here for information on our powerful athletic gear disinfectant and first responder equipment antibacterial spray.

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